Our program, founded in 2009, has grown into a powerhouse of visionary creators.

Welcome to the Computer Game Design Program at Mason! 

We are thrilled that you are interested in the Computer Game Design Program, which is one of the fastest growing programs at Mason. You will find as you explore our website and visit our program that we are one of the most innovative and interdisciplinary academic units at Mason. The people in our program—faculty, staff, and students—are the heart of this vibrant, innovative, and productive scholarly enterprise that awaits your call on our time and talents. 
The mission of the Computer Game Design Program is to prepare students for employment and further study in the computer game design and development field, doing so with a curriculum designed to reflect the gaming industry’s demand for an academically rigorous technical program coupled with an understanding of the artistic and creative elements of the evolving field of study. Combining art and technology, we advance and revolutionize the field of computer game design and development. We cultivate a collegial and supportive environment for our students to excel intellectually, academically, and creatively. 

Our program emphasizes excellence in teaching and a hands-on approach to education for the game design and development profession. All of our faculty have industry experience, and their “real world” experience assures that our students receive the most meaningful education possible. Our faculty participate in research that is challenging and significantly important to our society—our faculty have been producing meaningful research for external partners such as US Army, DOD, USAID, and US Navy, to name a few.

We invite you to peruse our website to learn more about our program and how we help and shape our students to pursue careers in the game industry. We also encourage you to visit us on the beautiful Mason campus and to meet our kind and outstanding faculty, staff, and students, who look forward to welcoming you in person! 

—Sang Nam, director

Director Sang Nam talks about the value of a Computer Game Design education.